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Kathy Taylor HR BRONZE.png
Transformational Coach and Consultant
Leadership Development Specialist

My Mission: To connect people with proven communication ideas and styles that create change in practical daily living which promotes growth in personal and professional development.

   Who are my clients? 

  • Individuals and Entrepreneurs who have a desire to transform their life and dramatically improve their livelihood and impact.

  • Small Business Owners and Team Leaders that need guidance and tools on how to connect with others and communicate more proficiently.

  • Organizations that value professional development and seek opportunities to create change in their leadership emotional intelligence and communication skills.

Why do I do this?  I want to help people transform and become fully self-aware of how to say what needs to be said, in a way that the intended receiver needs to hear, so the outcome is favorable for all. When it comes to building a better workplace culture, I also believe that if you take care of your people and communicate clear and reasonable expectations, that will help cultivate the needed relationships that will build an impact thatkeeps them connected to the mission.

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