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Being a grown-up is hard! There is a lot of guidance, lessons, and examples along the way; however, you need more preparation for the journey. While several life lessons or situations seem similar, they are all different. The Diary of a Grown-Up is designed to take topics that connect us all and help us find that commonplace to remain connected. The goal is to learn how to have open and authentic conversations about embracing the changes and challenges that come with growth and life.

Our Mission Statement

We are on a mission to help adults navigate relationships and embrace the changes and challenges that come with growth and life.


Our philosophy is always to connect people, communicate ideas, and create the change needed for your next level."

The vision for this brand is to create a safe space that invites honest dialogue and free expression of ideas/perspectives."

The Diary of a Grown-Up book is filled with poems, short stories, analogies, and more, mostly paired with scriptures. The book is designed to give you time to read, rest, reflect, and write. There are lined pages after every chapter that gives you space to release your thoughts about what you read. The book is not designed for you to read in any particular order. Some chapters may resonate with you more than others. This book's goal is to remind you that we are all facing similar changes and challenges. The Diary of a Grown-Up book gives you a comfortable and private place to connect with your thoughts and reflect them to whom God says you are.

The Diary of a Grown-Up podcast consists of authentic conversations with guests about personal growth, professional development and faith. The listeners get to hear transparent conversations about how it’s necessary to find a way to move forward even when life happens. We celebrate people doing good through the Community Highlight, and each episode ends with motivation in a segment called our Love God Inspired moment.

Stay tuned for more conversations!

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